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Re: play in rack (82 Cpe) & c. & c....

Now that's what I call data!  Thanks for the effort, obviously the rack
play some of us are getting is not the way they are supposed to be. 
Now, to figure out if that is the source of our/my problems! I still
have to swap my rear axle to eliminate clunky trailing arm bushings, and
check tightness on all the new front end part fasteners...

Thanks again

> Measuring up and down movement/rotation at front end of inner tie rod
> bolt while pulling up and down on left tie rod.
> 1987.5 coupe GT 140k miles      less than 2mm play
> 1986 4kq        160k miles      less than 2mm play
> 1984 4k         200k miles+     no freeplay
Huw Powell


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