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94 100 S4 - Questions about chips and boost

I have just landed in complicated situation by buying a 94 S4 from an
Audi dealer.  The car appears to have a "Superchip" in it which
invalidated the warranty and now has to be returned to standard. 
However, I seem to get widely varying readings on the boost gauge (I
know its not very accurate but the variation are matched by

Sometimes it never goes higher than 2.0 which is what should be
expected according to the owners manual.  On other trips it
consistently hits 2.2 bar.  The only variable I can spot is that when
it reaches 2.2 I am using 98 octane as opposed to 95 when it only
achieves 2.0 but I can hardly believe that 98 makes such a difference.

My question really is what is the normal sort of reading on the S4? 
Does the fact that its varying suggest that there is something wrong?  

A further confusing thing is that Superchips said that with their
chips the electric connector to the bypass valve should be
disconnected, but on my car it was connected and disconnecting it
caused a considerable drop in boost.

Having discussed this with numerous people who should know all about
it I'm now quite confused and would appreciate any info on the issues.

Philip Ross


Philip S Ross

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