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Re: play in rack (82 Cpe)

> I know the gland nuts that hold the strut inserts are totally tight. Plus my
> tires were balanced 400 miles ago. Arrgghh. This is pissing me off. To work so
> hard and spend so much money and time (I actually slung the subframe over my
> shoulder and hopped in a cab to the machine shop with KY in hand) and not to
> have TOTAL solidity is annoying.

I suspect, Andrew, since we both have noticed this right after
tightening *everything* else up in the front end, taht we have been
driving with the rack slop for a while, but everything else being a
little loose hid it or even made up for it.  Fix everything else and the
lesser flaws start showing up... unfair!

Huw Powell


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