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VC awd vs Quattro

Then Kirby has the temerity to say:

>Problem.  For this to count as dissimulation by Audi, they would have to be
>selling race cars here in the US, and misrepresenting the drivetrain.  They
>are selling vehicles for the street, and I would be surprised if many of
>their customers, driving legally, could detect which torque distribution
>system was embedded in their drivetrain.  Nor would it matter much for that
>which quattro is touted for - optimal handling in inclement weather; either
>would be better than none.

>Just my two Confederate dollars.

Problem.  U and O are addressed with the torque split of the race cars,
exascerbated by the street cars.  A choice of absolute traction and abs, over
high speed handling characteristics.  A wise choice?  Maybe for most drivers
of quattro.  

Problem #2.  Quattro in T*rsen trim bites, and hard, in terms of U and O.  Why
specifically Audi doesn't race with it.  Dissimulation?  Naw, just scares the
hell out of some of us.  

Problem #3.  Who needs high speed handling?  Well to a T*rsen that's a cf
argument.  What is high speed when you are driving that quattro on snow or
ice?  Friend or foe.  Dissimulation?  Audi claims friend.  I've experienced

Coupla thoughts.

Scott Justusson
'87 5ktqwRS2
'84 Urq