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Re: What to look out for when buying 88 80Q...?

<<I am going to look at a 1988 80 Quattro for
my sister this weekend.  My question is...is
there anything special about this year or this
model to be on the lookout for.>>

Yup there as nearly a bullet proof a car as any built in Europe, and they all
have the 5 cyl motor in the US. Basiscally check out the service history as
they don't have the multitude of common problems the big cars had. T/belt is
important, but it is not an interference motor so if it broke it would merely
being inconvenient. Have your Audi mech go over the car and let you know what
it needs and negotiate from there. Under $6000 for an 81k car is reasonable.
Dave Flagg
So Burlington, VT 
88 80 Q
90 90 Q
90 200 tqw