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King on Audi vs Accord

To put the Audi A4 wins in perspective to Kings comments on the Accord, and
Dave E.'s claims, let's take a look at the race results of the Accord vs A4

GTCC -1998
Kristensen and/or Tarquini - Accords have beaten the A4 at EVERY venue in the
GTCC they finished (Nurburgring - both Accords DNF).  Tarquini had fastest lap
at Regio-Ring.  No Fastest Laps for Audi (either awd or fwd).  As of today,
Tarquini point standing is 8, C.Abt is 9.  That's two Honda Teams vs 4 Audi
teams at every race.

BTCC - 1998
Thompson and/or Kox - Accords, have beaten the A4 cars in every race.  Both
honda teams lead Audi  in ALL points standings vs the A4.

No question that King knew what the A4 fwd target is.  Bottom line, the A4,
with more cars running at every venue, hasn't placed higher than the Accord,
unless the Accords didn't finish (1 race).  Focus?  I argue King has his
sights set correctly.

Not much time left for the A4 fwd to prove it's worth this year.  Losing the
awd platform (rule enforcement pending) doesn't sound like much more of a good
thing for audi looking at the above.  Can the boys overcome the engine
placement issues?  Well, not yet, according to the race results.  Bummer

Scott Justusson
'87 5ktqwRS2
'84 Urq