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fuel pump term on mc motor? more questions

On an mc turbo, what are the numbers for the fuel pump terminals? I need 
to know because I have to replace my racked 84 turbo (with cockpit 
adjustable wastegate) within the next two weeks before school opens.

Next, I pulled the intake/exhaust manifolds and head off as one piece 
from my car. If I have to put the exhaust on another, what preventative 
measures can I take to prevent it from cracking (it's in very good shape 
and no signs of future cracking)?

Where are the screws that hold the heater case to the car? I'm 
completely stripping my old Turbo and this has been a sticking point for 
a few days.

Next, I have a turbo block if anyone wants it. The engine is bare, on 
the car. Bottom end is good and cylinders look in great shape. Hate to 
see it go to a scrap heap because I couldn't pull it.


(former) 84 5ksT
(used to be) 1.6-2.0 bar
(used to have) AudiSport badge

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