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Hi there,
	I am using the 2.1 liter motor because I got it for just about
nothing.  Was in a parts car I bought.  I would recomend using the MC code
engine from 86 and on 5kt and 200.  If you can find one, the 89.5 and 90
200s have the better motor with the k24 turbo and dual knock sensors.  
	IF you really want power.  Put the 3B 20v Turbo in it.  Alex Nekus
is running about 400+ hp with his 20v 4ktq at 3 bar.  That is 28 lbs of
boost.  Big time.  CV joint failure is a big problem with that power
though.  He is running URQ struts and CV's.
	As for the AC, it is supposedly possable to keep it but I have
never seen it done.  I believe you have to move the Alt to pass side and
AC comp to driver side.  I have heard this remember but never seen it.  As
for the intercooler, there is no EASY fit for this.  FInd something good
and find a place to make it fit.  IF worse comes to worse, do what Alex
did and cut away your bumper for it.  Check out his car at these following
Web pages of the NW Quattro Clubs Bremerton Track Event.  The first link
is down but should be up soon.  second link has some pics of Alex's car
but they are a little blurry.  You can still see the intercooler under the
front bumper though.  This car is also running 13" brakes now under 17"
rims with 215/40-ZR17 tires.  On the track he runs Hoosier racing tires.

www.ptinet.net/~quattro/quattro.htm, www.geocities.com/motorcity/1001,
and www.geocities.com/motorcity/track/6820 for pictures from the August
14th NWRAQC track event

	I would also check out the 4kq Turbo conversion page.  Not sure
what the address is off hand but it is not too bad.  IF you want, I will
try to find the write up Pat Martin did on his 4kq turbo conversion.  His
is not done but car runs great.  Just needs to get an intercooler now.  
	Oh, and the compressor wheel in the pictures on those pages is off
of the turbo 4kq that Pete Kunzler bought with was the Black one featured
in EC about 6 months ago that Duane Hale owned.  Engine is blown now.
something got inside turbo, ate compressor wheels and ended up in engine
to eat it up too.  Oops.  

	Gotta go.  L8R

	Todd Phenneger   aka: Zarati
	1984 4000s quattro / K&N Filter / Battery in Trunk
	2.5" Borla SS Exhaust  / 15" Wheels & RE-71s / Boge TG
		Turbo Conversion in Stage One. "Building Motor"
	1985 4000 quattro / Silver / Fixing it Up.
	1987 4000cs quattro / Saphire Metallic Blue/ Girlfriend's
	1996 A6q / Volcano / Dads Car
	1985 5kt / Donor car for Turbo Conversion