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Re: Need fuel distributor '87 5K

> My 5K's in the shop waiting for a rebuilt fuel distributor. Reason: 
>irratic  idle, hard cold starting, couple of instances of rapid
>acceleration in  reverse after letting up on the brake. This just after
>full tuneup with  plugs, wires, cap & rotor by qualified mechanic. Have
>2nd '87 5K to parts  out as last resort. New part quoted at 2-3 grand.
>Any help appreciated. 

 Check and replace o-rings in the pressure regulator, relief valve, etc.
It might make a miracle. If dealer refuses to sell them separately and
claims they are not on the fiche as separate parts (BTDT) ask for the
service manager. Show him Bentley that recommends to change some o-rings
every time the thing is disassembled  and don't let him go before he finds
pn's on his cd-rom. The typical price for 2-3 o-ring kit is about $5. That
explains their reluctance and the absence in stock. But they ARE available
as a special order with the one day wait.

Good luck,