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Texas Track Event

Heres your chance, and what you are looking for an Audi Track Event in TX.

Enjoy a fun filled weekend with excitement and a wealth of knowledge for drivers
of all ages & experience levels.

Two days Sat & Sunday, Oct 3 & 4 of high-performance driving at Texas World
1.8 mile  13 turn, road course in Collage Station, TX. Class room & in car
with PLENTTY of track time.
If you ever wanted to learn, High Performance driving in a safe enviorment
with instructors to show you how to in you car.
Come and join fellow Audi & German Car entusisist at the track.

This event is limited to the number of drivers do not wait to join us or
else you
will end up watching instead of doing. You make the call!

Need more info. contact: 
                         Oscar 972 247.6608 or Rick 972 641.4778