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Re: antifreeze problemo

On Fri, 28 Aug 1998, Phil Payne wrote:

>> So who's right? Should I be worried? Is green=phosphate or not? Is it
>> aluminum safe? Is red=no phosphate? Can I mix green and red stuff?


>I strongly suspect the 'phosphate' issue is related to German 'green'
>politics.  The established political parties in Germany got one hell
>I think Audi's 'phosphate free coolant' kick comes from this - not a
>technical but a political issue.

You mean there's no such issues as phosphates corroding the aluminum?
Hmmm... I'm getting mixed signals here. I went to Prestone's web site.
They claim the phosphate issue is purely due to the water quality in
Europe. Prestone claims since U.S. water contains gold, we don't need to
worry about little thing slike that.

And I just found a Prestone 5/150 antifreeze that claims to be compatible
with every kind of antifreeze under the sun.

ANd someone posted there was synthetic coolant which is way better than
the ordinary kind.

I'm confused...

And for ye who flush yer own coolant, how do you dispose of the stuff?

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