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Wierd starting behavior on my 4kq

Hey all, i just started having some wierd starting behavior in the past 
couple days.  I used to be able to start the car with just a flick of the 
key, but lately it has been using a little bit more time, but nothing 
excessive, which i chalk up to the new starter that i installed.  anyway, 
last night i go to start it, and it starts just fine, but then, after 
idling fine for about 3 seconds, there is a huge miss, which seems like 
the whole engine is missing and then restarting.  It lasts about 5 
seconds, but then it catches, the engine revs up to 1800 and drops back 
to a nice 800 rpm idle.

Also, there is a slight miss for the engine.  Not very noticable, but 
there.  I really have no idea what to look for to check for 
problems...anyone have any advice?

thanks in advance


Michael Sheridan Williams
ICQ# 11740998

1985 4000 S Quattro 185,000+ miles, Koni Yellows/Coilover (2B), strut 
brace, Sport 8000 Tires, K&N, MOMO 4pt harnesses, Hella XL Driving lights 
(excuse me, auxilliary low beams) (2x135w), magnecor wires....<out of 
1986 Oceanic Blue, 4000CS Quattro--Parting Out(ask if you want anything)
My father's: 1986 4000 CS Quattro--Graphite 161,000 miles