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UR-Q Drive / 80Q Info Request

Hello Listers,

WOW, I had a chance to drive an 83 ur-q this past week.  What an 
outstanding vehicle.  The car I drove was in moderate condition [probably 
a 6.5 out of 10] but in spite of the fact that it needed a few suspension 
bushings, a strut, brake accumulator and a few mics things, the car is 
SOOOO much different than any of the previous Q's I have owned and 
driven, there is no comparing this car to the 5Ktq 200tq.  There was no 
heavy front end feeling or pushing during hard cornering.  Full throttle 
cornering at twice the posted limit was sharp and there was no sense that 
the back end was going to come around and say hello.  I should mention 
that this car was totally stock.  I did find that it needed to be kept 
above 3K RPM's to avoid  downshifts.  The power curve comes up later in 
the revs that the other turbo's that I have driven.  This is a truly 
outstanding platform, I can almost not imagine this car with a chip, 
exhaust, wheels, tires struts and springs.  Scary!!  I am considering the 
purchase of this car as a "Fun" car as I would not want to rack up the 
commute on it. [Thanks Dave, we'll talk soon]  Which Leads me to my 
second request for informtaion.

My 89 80q has 153k on it and it is in need of some major improvements if 
I am going to keep it around.  You have all given unanimous feedback that 
the strebo exhaust is the way to go for that repair/upgrade.  Does anyone 
have any experience with Wheel/Tire and Spring/Strut upgrades?  I do a 
rather lengthy commute so I'm looking for something that will not jar too 
badly on the highway but give a marked improvement in cornering and hard 
braking  Would this be a progressive rate spring? The front end just 
about touches the ground if you really get on the brakes above 50 mph, 
followed by a lot of front end "swervieness" it seems to go quickly left 
right left until the speed is reduced.
When I do the Exhaust, I would also like to do a K&N filter any BTDT's?  
Other considerations?

I am running 185/70 14" all season radials, they are ok for the hwy up to 
about 85 mph but after that, they show limitations.  I would like to 
mount 15" speedlines that I can get used and run a 205 or 215/50 pirelli 
P700Z.  Should I stick with a 60 series if I only go to 15" wheels?

Last Thing, The drive shaft bearing is gone and needs to be replaced.  I 
have heard from several mechanics that this bearing can't be rebuilt.  
Does anyone have experience otherwise?  The new/used replacement is very 
expensive/expensive.  Thanks!