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Re: 5 bolt conversion pics

Thanks for comments.
I am working on a set of early control arms.
The plan is to weld in a reinforcement bracket just like on the real early
Ur-q control arms.
I cut up one set of control arms to get those brackets (easier to make and
already has shape and slots in them) and already welded one in.  Looks really
good and will give me that extra adjustability.
Will let you know and get some pictures as well.


Huw Powell wrote:

"After I put lowering springs on my coupe, the left balljoint had to be
maxed out, and still not quite enough camber.  I thought of the slots
thing, too, but looking at the parts there really isn't enough meat
there to go removing metal.  If I had done the conversion, I was going
to try the later Urq ball joints as they are slotted, with my early
control arms, which are slotted - I was hoping for a little extra range
of adjustability.
Let me know what you wind up doing, ok?
Pix look good...
Huw Powell"

Martin Pajak


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