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Re: 1986 4000S, Red bulbs in switches

> The car in question is a manual 1986 4000S with a 1.8L 4 cylinder
> engine (7/85 production date).
> The headlight switch, hazard light switch, rear defroster switch, etc.
> all have small red bulbs soldered in place.  Does anyone know what the
> Audi part number is for those bulbs?  My dealer seems to only stock white
> bulbs, but I know for a fact they are suppossed to be red. 
> If one can't
> buy them from Audi, is there some other source?

I do not remember about the color but these bulbs are in stock in Pep 
Boys. I bought them there. Much cheaper than from the dealer. The set 
contains two small bulbs, has words "European OEM" written somewhere on 
it and costs about $1-2. Why is the color so important to you?