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Re: 1986 4000S, Oil Pan Seal Leaking

In a message dated 98-08-30 09:22:59 EDT, mx@snet.net writes:

<< what a breeze, the toughest part is taking out all 792 oil pan bolts ;-)
 Drop your two front subframe bolts, and the subframe will drop out of the way
 enough to get in there.
 Remove the cast clutch protector, its about 6 bolts and one Allen bolt. All
 easily accessable. Now you can just unbolt all your pan bolts.
 The gasket is about $40 (!!)
 Whole job should take under two hours easily. >>

Ah, careful there Bob, he's running a 4000s w/ 4cyl power. That motor is
sitting on the subframe and will become a handful if you start taking out the
subframe without precautions. Peter may have better luck supporting the motor
by tieing it off to a 2x4 run across the fenders(inner) or a similar
contraption. After that is taken care of, the front subframe bolts can be
carefully removed. It's more of a hassle to get at the pan for the 4cyl, but
at least the part's only10$.

Chris Semple
'83 TQC --For Sale--