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Re: antifreeze problemo

At 04:50 PM 8/28/98 -0500, you wrote:
>My local idiot of dealer replaced the supposedly red coolant with green
>one. Could someone tell me of green antifreeze contains phosphate or not?
>I notice many domestic coolant manufacturers still lable their
>phosphate-containing antifreeze "aluminum safe" -- and for now, this is
>the excuse the dealer is using. When I talked to the parts guy, he said
>yes, the OEM antifreeze is red (or pink, orange, whatever).
>So who's right? Should I be worried? Is green=phosphate or not? Is it
>aluminum safe? Is red=no phosphate? Can I mix green and red stuff?

I believe you will find it is not the "aluminum safe" feature you are
looking for in a "phosphate free" antifreeze".  With the use a so much
aluminum in todays engines, I don't of anyone that markets an antifreeze
that is not aluminum safe.   The "phosphate free" feature, that is required
by "most" Euro car makers, is to reduce the percipitation of minerals out of
the water.  There is at at least one U.S. brand of phosphate free antifreeze
on the market, Quaker State.  Color is not a true indicator.