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Dodged the bullet!

Here's a little heads-up for those of us Audisti whose cars have electric

Did some non-associated work on my 5000 today, involved turning on and off
the ignition - radio was on, decided I didn't need the extra noise, turned
radio off, antenna did NOT retract . . .

Turned radio on and off several times, no change. Checked wiring diagram,
antenna is on same circuit as radio, so fuse isn't blown - radio works.

Listened carefully with volume down, could hear antenna relay (in trunk)
clicking when I turned the radio on and off - sucker is drawing power!

Turned everything off, gave antenna mast a slight push, it promptly
retracted very nicely.

Now the bullet: It was stuck up, drawing power and not moving. This could
have killed the battery overnight - DO NOT, therefore, assume that if YOUR
antenna sticks up or down, the motor is fried or the fuse is blown - it is
sitting there, jammed, desperately trying to extend or retract, and will
probably do so until your battery is completely flat.

Y'all have been warned!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman