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re: European Car's Project Audi ???

Peter Biernacki <pbiernac@ea.oac.uci.edu> wrote:
> A while back European Car magazine had an article called "Project Audi"
> with a number of installments.  I managed to get one issue.  Does anyone
> have the other articles?  I'd be happy to send the one I have for copies
> of the others?


Which one do you have?  I've got a few of them
(there's a new installment 
in the new issue, BTW).  I've got the one with the
wheels, the window 
regulator, the timing belt/lifters/water pump, is
there an exhaust one?  
yeah, I think there's one with a Scorpion exhaust
that I have, and I can't 
remember if I have the one with the headlight
upgrade or not.

The complete set would be nice.  Let me know which
one you have, and which 
ones you'd like, folks.

(but be patient, i've got alot of inertia...,
right Eric!)