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Re: auto parts shop inquiry.....

baron84@csi.com.ph wrote:
> hello! 

> i just recently bought myself an 82 coupe. i just wanna ask if any of you
> guys know a reliable audi parts (brand new and used) supply shop in the
> brighton, state of michigan area. those with e-mail addresses will be most
> welcome, otherwise, their phones and addresses will suffice.

Buy all your parts from Rod at
You will get factory parts, and an excellent
price.  My favorite, and 
there are lots of other places.  He's not in
Michigan, but I don't see 
why that's a bad thing...
> how much does a whole (new and used) dashboard for an 82 coupe cost? can
> the ones from '83-'86 also be used instead? any suggestions for upgrading
> an '82 to a more sporty/modern look? you guessed it.......i am just a
> novice in terms of cars so i need your help.

You can update the dash to the newer style ones,
if you like.  Huw Powell 
on the list might have some experience in this
area, or Martin Pajak perhaps.
> baron a.
> manila , philippines

BTW, why do you want a shop close to Brighton,
Michigan if you are in the 

Good luck,