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Ripped Off

Please post the following for me as I do not subscribe to the list due to
limited time , but I have been keeping up with the archives for over a year
and have gained a wealth of knowledge from them.

-Back in April there was a post on the list from an individual named Mark Long
who lives in Las Vegas advertising miscellaneous parts available from a '90
200 TQ. I responded to his post in need of a passenger headlight, a WOT
switch, & a turn signal lens. He responded with a price for each and his
address and phone number. I sent him a check which he received on May 6th.
Since that time he has supposedly sent the parts once and they were lost by
UPS (even though he wouldn't forward a tracking number..yeah right) He has
promised to resend them several times when I have been able to get him on the
phone. It is now going on 4 months later and I still have no parts. I am
posting this to warn any others from being taken by this individual. Its a
shame that this kind of things happen as I have bought parts form several
other list members without a hitch.

Wayne Southall
'89 200TQ 133K

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