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Re: My Transmission "BARKS"

Hurry into the dealer!

My folks have a 92 100CS that had shifting problems. The q-list went into a
long thing about fluid levels, etc. which were all fine. Turned out to be a
torque converter and a temperature sensor. I know the folks at the transmission
shop who took it apart- very reliable/capable. They got it back together and it
would not shift right after warming up. The car was shipped off to the dealer
who gave up after 3 weeks. The tranny shop traced the problem to a temperature
sensor- which they thought may have caused the problems with the torque
converter. They gave my dad a big discount and just charged for the basic work
which turned out to be $3200.00. The dealer's original quote was $5000-$7000.

My folks are looking at buying an A8, but got a Chrysler Mystique? as a loaner.
My dad even tried to strike a bargin with the Audi Dealer (Carousel MN) on
trading in the 100CS- they wouldn't even talk until the car was fixed. He is at
Mapelwood Imports today looking at A8's.

The final note on this is it sounds like 92-93 100's have some common tranny

Eric T. Axelson
86 5000 CSTQ
87 5000 CS Wagon

Brett Dikeman wrote:

> >Mine . . .
> >
> >1993 100cs    Automatic
> >Between 2nd and 3rd gear (only) . . . it "barks" while upshifting.
> >This barking noise is a semi high-pitched slipping sort of noise.
> >Is this common for this car (I've hear of hard shifting).
> >My suspicion is that this is not only not normal, it's abnormal.
> >Quick, it's still under warranty (100% for 30 days)!
> >What do you folks recommend?
> Go to the dealer in a nice suit, hand them the keys, and say "the
> transmission is acting funny.  Fix it."  Walk over to a a8 in the showroom,
> play with the sunvisors, fiddle the knobs, etc. etc.  Wait for
> vulture(saleperson) to land and mention you're thinking of trading in your
> 100CS(mention you're dropping it off for tranny repairs, augh, it's
> horrible, piece of junk, old car, makes funny noises, augh, you want a new
> car.  Play it out, rant and rave about the 'ol clunker, suck them into it;
> they'll think, aha, easy sale here!  For extra fun, mention the 7 series or
> compare the a8 to the 7 series.)  Then look back towards the service dept.
> in an oh-shoot sort of way, mention something along the lines of, "hey, I
> forgot to get a loaner while my car's in for service."
> The result could be amusing.  You might end up with an a6 or a8 for the
> "afternoon", and to boot, the dealer is going to do that service _real_
> quick to get the a8 back on the lot(and to increase chances of a potential
> sale!)
> Brett
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