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Re: AWD systems-other mfg-little Audi content

>I'm familiar with Audi/VW AWD systems (torsen, vc, and reg. diffs) but what
>do the other guys use?  I'm speaking of manufacturers like:

>Mercedes (4matic?)

The first generation was a part-time 4WD. The front wheels are only
engaged when slips occurs *AND* you happen to be in the 1st gear. If you
were in 2nd gear or higher, the system will not engage at all.

The second generation is closely related to the M-class SUV. However, the
4-Matic version only has fixed split forward/rear, with rear bias.
Although now it's full-time, I'd say it's still stupid. Uses brakes a la
Audi's EDL to simulate differential lock.

>Toyota (alltrac)

I'm not sure. But majority of them uses VC. There might be different

>Mazda (AWD, saw on MPV minivan)

The MPV 4WD uses transfer case in the middle. It can be locked to give
50:50. If 4WD is not engage, it's a RWDer. ANd unlike some other part-time
systems, MPV's 4WD can be engaged all the time if you wish.

>Suburu (?, esp. WRX)

They've uses shitload of designs, from true differentials to VC systems.
Some of the older Subarus also had low-range gear, and others were
part-time systems. Bunch of weird animals.

>Chrysler (saw AWD on one of their minivans)

VC system. Will transfer up to 10% to the rear when slippage occurs.

>BMW (325ix)

Not sure. I think a transfer case in the middle?

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