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Re: 1986 4000S, Oil Pressure & Temperature Gauges

Peter Biernacki writes:
> The car in question is a manual 1986 4000S with a 1.8L 4 cylinder
> engine (7/85 production date).
> The Oil Pressure gauge always seems to be pegging the dial on the max end.
> Is this suppossed to be the case?  I believe the range is 0-5 bar.

This is normal.  The gauge should read about 1.5 to 2 bar when engine
is warm and idling.  It should peg at 5 bars when revved up.  I didn't like
that either, so I replaced mine with a 10 bar gauge and sender combo.
Much better...

> Also the Oil Temperature gauge never has shown a
> temp above about 90 C, and almost always sits at what appears to be
> 70, though the gauge ranges from 60 - 170.

Normal cruising oil temperature should be about 100 degrees C after fully
warmed up.  On extended highway runs on a warm day, it may reach 125 or so
and still be normal.  Check your oil temp sender connections.

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