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Re: AWD systems-other mfg-little Audi content

Warren Wang decided to speak these words:

>What about Porsche awd systems, aside from the 959 that is.

Porsche has simply the best AWD systems put into a production car 
chassis.  the 964 had essentially the same system as the 959, but was 
actually improved.  It used EKS (electronic clutch system) front center 
and rear (i think rear was there also).  It took inputs from road 
sensors, yaw sensors, steering input and lots of other things and then 
proportioned torque according to that.

The 993 AWD system was similar except that they used VC instead.  The 
static split was 0 front and 100% rear.  i dont know really all that much 
right now, but i can try to find some more info.


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