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Leaving a cloud of dust!

Occasionally, I accelerate and see a cloud of dust behind my car. It
seems pretty clear it came from my tailpipe! I've notice I'm
in second gear and pushing it pretty hard. The cloud comes when I've
passed 3000 rpm and head towards 4000. At this point, the boost is on
full. (I'm running near 2.0 bar). I've notice this 3 or 4 times over
the past year. When I look in the rear-view, I can see it looks
dusty, not blue or black, yet I don't think it is white and smokey.


How about mine. I drive a short communte (10 minutes). I don't use the
highway that often (because my commute doesn't require it). Naturally,
I do take trips, and hit the highway locally from time to time.
(In fact last weekend, ran to Toronto and back, made good time!).
I wonder if carbon builds up and once and a while, under high boost,
it just burns off! I wouldn't mind this, since it wouldn't worry me
as much as burning oil/coolant.

Any other ideas?


BTW, anyone had any luck re-building the rear calipers ('87 5kcstq)?
My e-brake mech is sticky on one of them.