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Re: 1986 4000S, Water on passenger area floor

At 09:11 PM 8/31/98 -0700, Peter Biernacki wrote:
>The car in question is a manual 1986 4000S with a 1.8L 4 cylinder
>engine (7/85 production date).
>I'm afraid this is big trouble, but, the other day I discovered that the
>footwell on the front passenger side was wet!  Pushing down on the carpet
>revealed a puddle of water.  Can anyone help me with this?  I haven't
>taken my Audi through the ocean, a la James Bond, in case someone is
>wondering.  Is this a problem with the heater core?

I had this problem several times on several Coupe GTs.  The first time it
happened, on my '84 CGT, it was the AC drain getting clogged up, this happens
to most Audis of that platform as they get older.  The second time it
happened, it was in my '85 CGT, and this time it was a leak in the lower
corner of the passenger side windshield.  The seal had given away or
something, even though it was the original windshield.  I found this out after
a 2 day process of taking the lower dash out and parking my car in the front
yard with the sprinklers on while lying down in the foot well with a
flashlight looking for water.  Bingo.....took me months to narrow it down to

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