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Re: Rear lights not working

Hi Raffi,

Check the wiring harness at the flex point where it passes from the body to
the trunk lid for breaks in the wires--common failure point for all wires in
all cars is the flex point at hinges. The fix is to splice them back together.
Best method involves splicing in new sections of wire such that the splices
are not in the flexed area. The best method of splices IMO are; solder with
heat shrink -or- marine grade waterproof butt splices that include heat shrink
(very expensive but work great in marine electrical systems which are a much
harsher environment than automotive). Some "spiral wrap" around the flexing
loom may help as well. Just be thankful it isn't the rear lid of an ovlov
wagon...:( (don't ask...) HTH

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq