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double posts from AOL users (no Audi content)

I have looked into this more since I noticed I was sending double posts a week
or two back. I now see that other listers who are using AOL are experiencing
the same affliction so I thought I would post to the list what I know so far.
Apologies for the WOB for the rest of you...but know it is with the intent of
reducing double posts.

I spoke with AOL's technical service and am told this is a system bug that
only occurs when sending via "flashsessions". They have no eta as to when it
will be cured...typical.

Here is what I have done for now...compose "offline" as always. Instead of
logging on with a "flashsession" (a hard habit to break I might add), log on
normally. Next go into the "read outgoing flashmail" and open (click "edit")
and send each "the old fashioned way". This is a major PITA but at least keeps
the accidental double posts to the list at a minimum.

HTH shed some light on what is happening with "good ol' aol". (FWIW, at work
we have now gone through two differnet ISP's for company email and they both
made aol look reliable--frightening.) HTH the aol users on the list.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq