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200K miles, do I hear 300? Big Moment (long)

To:   quattro

Although I've calmed down considerably on the public roads I celebrated
reaching 200,000 Miles
last night by taking her through 199,999.8 to 200,000.3 at over 100mph.
I've always felt that it's time
to get rid of a car when you don't feel confident in it at 100mph...if it's
 not safe at 100, it's not safe at 60 say I.

So what's it take, and what's it done so far:

Well, we've burned up well over $7000 in general repair costs, not
including things like oil, body
damage and any track stuff....

I've put 108,000 miles on it in about 27 months, or about 4000 a month
average....which translates to roughly
to 1140 hours per year or 95 hours a month....or gawd: about 22 hours a

We've burned or destroyed almost a full barrel of Mobil 1(55 gallons) and
vaporized about 4600 gals of hi-test
at a cost of roughly $6000+

If everyone behaved like me the planet would be a cold, dead dark

Things we've done together for fun:

Road Trips:
Sept. 1-18, 1996..NH-WA 8500 miles
Dec. 26-Jan 1,97 NH-MI 2600 miles
Oct. 10-26, 1997 NH-WI-CO-WY 7000mi
Over 100mph in 17 states
100 MPH for an hour on Route 200 in Montana
Fastest Speed in a National Recreation area (I'm not telling but those days
 are over)
Top Speed 137MPH est. actual: Montana (145 indicated)
Just over 70K miles in first 16 mos. of ownership

Track Events:
BMWCCA May 5, 1997 at NHIS
NEQ at WATKIN'S GLEN 7/14-15, 1997
NEQ at LIME ROCK 8/18-19, 1997
QC-USA at ELKHART LAKE 10/13-14, 1997
COMSCC Le Circuit De Mont Tremblant 5/9 1998
NEQ at WATKIN'S GLEN 7/13-14, 1998
NEQ at LIME ROCK 8/21-22,1998
COMSCC at NHIS 10/17 1998  [future]

Current changes, add-ons and habits:

Pirelli P700's on 15" Borbet Type C's
AFT C/K Pads in Summer with x-drilled rotors
Mobil One or Red Line 20w-50 since 92,285 miles at purchase ever 3-5K miles
     Mann or Mahle filters with drainback v.
Fuel Filters every 25K or so....
Gear Lubes: Valvoline Synths until Red Line this last Spring MT-90 in front
 75-90 GL-5 rear
     (...and I'm first team all Red Line now)
ATE Super Blue/Amber "always"
Schroth Rallye 4 Harnesses

14" Michelin ALPINS on steel wheels in winter...

March 1998 - Euro H-4s installed $360
April 1998 - Ram Air Stock Box Filter $50

Accident History

Multiple Mirror hits...1997
Left door skin replaced 7/97
..other minor unknown (cold cocked by future insane asylum resident)
New Windshield 7/98  ($371)

Maintenance and General Repairs

Timing Belt and all belts replaced at 92,500
miles $225 TB +

Brake Pressure Accumulator replaced at
about 100K miles. $350+

Front Bushings and bearing replaced
Spring 1997 at about 120K miles
at $225 Side =$450

A/C (aftermarket) Condenser & Charge July 97 $450

All brake pads and rotors replaced in Spring at about 132K miles $970
     (NOW I DO MY OWN BRAKEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Power Steerring Pump Replaced with
used rebuilt unit at 150K miles $250

TRANSMISSION CODED "AUK"; Diagnosis of failure is incomplete as of 12/9/97:

Transmission ($1447.00)
Sachs Clutch
Pilot Bearing
Rear Engine Seal Replaced (misc. hrdwre)
Total Cost of Repair incl. tranny: $2319.00

New Driveshaft Center Bearing
Re-pack Dry Driveshaft CVs
Rebuild Hardware on Exhaust Slip joint (rotted) Total Cost: $375

Replace Timing Belt, aux belts, water
pump and tensioner at 170,000: $488

Oil leaks into distributor..replace at
est: $424

Alternator Brush Failure $45

New Bilstein HDs all around with related replacement parts; bushings etc.

Replace Right Front Bearing  184,439miles 5/98 ($178...dropped mechanic)

Alternator $267 (installed by owner) 7/98