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Re: 4kq: Seat removal / Caliper painting

One bolt up front in the middle of the seat near the floor.  Sometimes it
is allen, other time regular.  Remove the plastic center channel covers on
the drive shaft hump behind each seat beore you slid the seat back or you
will destroy them.  Sit in the seat and pull the lever to push it all the
way rearward.  You might want to put a couple of rags at the end of each
track to prevent getting grease on the carpet.

Remove seat through front door.


John Karasaki

At 10:16 AM 9/1/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Just took a peek at Mr. Bentley and wanted BTDTs:
>87 4kcsq -- how do you remove the front seats?  Any tips?  Thought I'd ask
>before I bust out the tools :).
>On a wholly unrelated note--what is the best way to go about painting
>brake calipers?  Any suggested products and procedures?  Yes, it's vain,
>but hey, I love my car man.
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