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Re: Coupe GT the bastard child of Audi??

My "new" 87.5 coupe GT (or should I say Lisa's ?) is a fun car to drive.
The NG motor and lighter weight give it better acceleration than my '86
4kq. It's a little more stylish, but less stealthy. If there is any
dampness on the ground, all bet's are off. I pick a quattro to drive.
I'm pretty sure the coupe will be replaced with an Ur-q in the not too
distant future, or maybe I'll add some parking spaces and have both.
'91 200 tq
'87.5 coupe GT
'86 4kq
'84 4k 

Michael Williams wrote:
> smurf decided to speak these words:
> >Is it just me, or are the Coupe GT's seen as pretty undesirable in the
> >Audi world?  I've got an '85 that I've been trying to sell, and it seems
> >people just aren't interested.  I myself think it's a very nice car, I
> >just have too many of them (cars that is!).
> Well, i loved mine, it was one hell of a fun car, but i dont know if i
> would buy another one.  Maybe an 87.5 or something, im just hooked on
> quattro....but damn that car is fun...hehe
> later...
> Michael Sheridan Williams
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> brace, Sport 8000 Tires, K&N, MOMO 4pt harnesses, Hella XL Driving lights
> (excuse me, auxilliary low beams) (2x135w), magnecor wires....<out of
> breath>
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