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RE: WRX vs URq

I have driven several WRXs including the Sti-R which has 205kw (about 270hp)
and is significantly lighter than my 195hp A4. 3 friends own them and are
continually ribbing me about how much faster their WRXs are compared to the

No argument - they are bl***y fast and handle superbly - and that's the only
area they are superior (oh and also value for money in New Zealand too -
they are NZD $55000 for the Sti and $46000 for the standard WRX - that's
about UKP 19000 and UKP 15000. UK prices are HUGE in comparison - UKP 30000
for the Sti !!!!!!!

So why haven't I traded my A4 on a WRX and banked some money??

1- they are pig ugly
2- their build quality is from a different planet
3- their safety is distinctly a cause for concern
4- every day driving/ownership enjoyment factor is way below
5- they are not an Audi (bias here!!)

Would I own one as a third car - absolutely but only if I couldn't find a
good RR or MB and only if I had the money to indulge myself (which I don't)

But make no bones about it - for a fast Sunday fang on twisty back roads
nothing comes close except a well setup 20V URq.

Greg Spark
'96 A4 1.8Tq 5sp mtm 187hp, K&N, Remus, 17x8 Ronals

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Date: Tue, 01 Sep 1998 17:05:13 GMT
From: quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk (Phil Payne)
Subject: WRX v. UrQ

In message <s5ebc164.093@mannlawfirm.com> "Bruce Aukerman" writes:

> Problem with a comparison between the two cars above is this:  America
> never saw the RS2, S2, or the 20vUrQ.  Instead, we have some 14 year
> old UrQ's to compare to it.  So, if the WRX comes over it will not be
> a pick and choose situation--short of maybe the A4 which, well, you
> get my point.

America didn't even get the MB.