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Re: Coupe GT the bastard child of Audi??

Andrei Talalaevskii writes:
> Despite it's technical and engineering superiorities Audis were often 
> incomplete and non-rewarding for people who valued other things except of 
> handling and power. I agree to live with that. Many people don't...

I think the poor reliability reputation of Audis is largely the fault
of the old 100LS and the 80s 5000 series.  In all fairness, the 80s
4000s and Coupes are very reliable.  People who whine about the 4K/Coupe
often have cars that are ill maintained (perhaps the fault of a previous
owner), and attribute their experience to the supposed "reliability
problem".  This then turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It's not correct to whack the whole Audi line when there were a few
dark spots in the past.

In my stable of Audis, the 5K was the one that needed many expensive
repairs.  The 4K needed no more than regular maintenance and the only
things that broke are what I'd expect to be wearables.  The A4q has
been completely trouble-free, and time will tell it's long term reliability.

I know of lots of those "reliable" Hondas and Toyotas that fared much
worse.  Hey, but once the rags brainwashsd those Honda and Toyota owners
into believing that they have the most reliable cars in the world, no
fact will alter their perception.

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