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Re: NE Fall Tour, Kanc Run II, or New England Craziness

I hit the Litchfield, CT. area last October around the 11th and it was
beautiful.... much nicer than here in Virginia...  But that was a dry fall,
if I recall.  Who knows what is in store this year...

'96 A4q
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Date: Tuesday, September 01, 1998 6:47 PM
Subject: re: NE Fall Tour, Kanc Run II, or New England Craziness

>>Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 00:47:56 -0700
>>From: "Osman Parvez" <oparvez1@nycap.rr.com>
>>Subject: NE Fall Tour, Kanc Run II, or New England Craziness
>>Hi Folks,
>>    Paul Royal brought up the subject of a Fall foliage tour a while back
>>but I haven't heard anything in a while. I was wondering if there is still
>>sufficient interest in this, and if so that we start the planning now so
>>people can make time to schedule the event on their calendars.
>>    Of course, we will eventually need a central organizer so that we can
>>take this off list. I believe Paul may have taken this role for the fabled
>>Kanc run. Therefore I nominate him to do so again.. ;)
>>    Anyway, I believe he mentioned something along the lines of a more
>>sophisticated version of the Kanc run involving a reservation for a meal
>>along the way. However, I would be satisfied with a simple Kanc Run II. I
>>would suggest sometime in mid-late October or perhaps early Novermber for
>>the event, most definately on a Saturday.
>>     P.S. I'm a little behind in my responses (started school) so give me
>>bit longer to get back to you than normal. However, I'm very gung-ho for
>>the event and would be happy to offer my assistance in organizing it. Any
>>Osman Parvez
>>Albany, NY
>I'd be interested in coming over from western NY to join in. But if the
>object is to time the Tour for viewing Fall foliage (nice idea, IMO), then
>scheduling in early November might miss a lot (most?) of color. At least
>that tends to be the case in these here parts. Even mid-October could be
>late for Adirondack color, but perhaps the New England mountains lag us a
>bit (?).
>Phil Rose Rochester, NY
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