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Re: Cool product (Audi use?)

I've used the liquid electrical tape (LET) all over the place on the rally
car: under the hood, coating wires exposed under the car, all manner of
connections inside the car, etc...  You need to mix it up really well as
the top is pretty much thinner after sitting for a day or so but the stuff
is really durable.  After Maine, I was looking at the spare wheel pickup
cabling and rocks had eaten off some of the cable sheathing but the LET was
intact with little scuff marks showing.  Also used it to coat the wires
when we put new lights on the trailer a while back.  Still going strong...  

It's particularly good when you want to waterproof/totally seal a
connection.  I goober it on the wire right where the shrink-wrap ends - to
seal the gap between the two.  Just went out and checked all the relays for
the 800 watts of light and they're all still intact.....

At 04:03 PM 9/1/1998 ,  MSV96@aol.com was inspired to say:
>  "+255 F" is a bit low for under hood applications but should be fine
>  as Todd said.
>  The only real concern I would have is that soldered connections (the
gist of
>  the original post) are not really mechanically sound and the reason for
>  shrink is to provide some strain relief beyond the now rigid soldered wahrs
>  and into the less vulnerable stranded wahrs which are designed to be
>  (sorta for a while). Unless this stuff has really good adheasion one
should be
>  wary of that. That said, it is great stuff for some uses. Anytime you
>  using RTV or silicon seal for an electical connection (BIG NO NO) this
is the
>  stuff to reach for!

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