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RE: Coupe GT the bastard child of Audi??


I once had someone comment at a party that he had an urQ and it was "... a
complete piece of junk!".  I probed, and it was a real urQ.  Same problem.  

If you use the wrong shop (such as, for example, some dealers), it just
isn't practical to try to keep one running.  If, on the other hand, you
learn to do a few things for yourself (such as making sure the shop is
solving a real problem), you can begin to think about keeping the cars.  

My urQ's been a daily driver for about 8 years.


At 03:32 PM 9/1/98 -0400, Andrei Talalaevskii wrote:
>Just to add my own observation of non-enthusiast's opinions about coupe. I 
>have a friend in CA and she buys cars for herself from mid-range 
>size/class. She had a coupe GT which she traded in for Accord 
>some 6-8 years ago. Although she is not an enthusiast like we, she is not 
>a dumb "passenger" either. She had never and will never buy an 
>automatic, she doesn't block the fast lane, she blinks on turns/lane 
>changes, she enjoys fast driving, etc. She doesn't adore her Accord but 
>her words about it were never as bitter as about her former Coupe.
>When we talked about cars, she told me about her Accord and mentioned a 
>Coupe she used to have. Of course I started to ask her and her memories 
>were very negative. Permanent electrical problems, huge mechanic bills, 
>well, we all heard these stories. Her conclusive remark was: "Finally it 
>found it's way home... To the junk-yard". Needless to say how unpleasant 
>was that to hear. Of course frequent incompetence and dishonesty of regular 
>mechanics in local Joe's Garage is in part responsible for that but 
>certainly this reputation of Audi has some foundation, as we all know.
>Despite it's technical and engineering superiorities Audis were often 
>incomplete and non-rewarding for people who valued other things except of 
>handling and power. I agree to live with that. Many people don't...
>> > Is it just me, or are the Coupe GT's seen as pretty undesirable in the
>> > Audi world?  I've got an '85 that I've been trying to sell, and it seems
>> > people just aren't interested.  I myself think it's a very nice car, I
>> > just have too many of them (cars that is!).
>> > 
>> ... don't feel too bad ... ALL Audis are more or less undesirable ... ;-)
>> Really, I don't know if I would say they are undesirable ... perhaps
>> under-appreciated is a better term.  Many people don't know how well the
>> handles ... the GT Coupe was one of the top performers in the slalom in its
>> day...