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autocar drives the tt quattro

the latest autocar has a 8 page spread on autocar's 1st drive of the tt
quattro (225 hp version), with some nice cut-aways and pictures.

the verdict "audi's best driver's car since the original quattro; a
truly accomplished new coupe.

other details:

all 1,000 tt's to the uk have been presold.  there is also a 12 month
wait.  audi (uk) is hoping for a double allocation for the next year.
new orders are being discouraged.

price is 25k gbp for the 180hp quattro and 30k gbp for the 225hp

312mm front discs.  1395 kg.  double wishbone rear with multilink.
diagram provided.

"but what you really want to know is whether the tt drives as well as it
looks.  the answer is resoundingly, unequivocally yes.  the tt is easily
the best audi driver's car since the original quattro and it exceeds
even this icon's driver satisfaction.

"audi truly comes of age with the tt.  the ... coupe proves ignolstadt
can match the best when it comes to dynamic finesse... the tt combines
unsurpassed quattro traction with real agility, a scarce quality in
recent sporting audis and fundamental to the creation of a proper sports
car.  the chassis has a degree of adjustability few rivals can match.

"unlike so many audis, the tt's body stays flat under provocation.  the
damping, though very much on the firm side, delivers beautifully
controlled body movement, yet the ride is remarkably supple and
absorbant for a car that handles and points so effectively.  as
cornering speeds build you feel the tt simply go around.  no roll,
minimal steering lock and a neutral attitude.  as speeds increase you
sense the drive shifting from the front to rear wheels, then to the
front axles again, as the car is pulled out of the apex under power.
then the realisation dawns: this quattro driveline is so adaptable to
the drivers desires that the chassis can be dialed to suit.  if a decent
sports car is distinguished by the iteraction between car and driver,
then the tt scores brilliantly.

[sounds like a scott-defined bite, and no torsen to blame.  oh well...]

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q