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RE: urq blowing hot water (coolant)

In message <9809020117.AA43784@fluhr.austin.ibm.com> ejfluhr@austin.ibm.com (Fluhr) writes:

> My urquattro does not like its coolant (or just wants to cause
> trouble...welcome to urq ownership!), because it keeps blowing it out
> through the coolant resevoir cap after I shut the car off.  I typically
> let the engine idle for a couple of minutes to let the turbo cool down
> before shutting it off.  The after-run fan operates at low speed for a
> few minutes after the car is shut off, so I assume the thermoswitch
> operates correctly.  The system must be over-pressurized, but I
> cannot determine how.  Any ideas/experiences?

Is the cap below specification (1.4 bar)?

Try the cap from your Coupe.

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