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Re: V8 List?

In a message dated 9/1/98 8:50:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
cobram@channel1.com writes:

<< Hi:
  You mentioned the V8 list a few times.  I didn't know
  there was a formal V8Q list, there was a kind of
  informal one a while back.  What's the address
  and subscription information??

The address is v8q@u.washington.edu, but someone will have to post the
sub*cribe info as I can't seem to find it here (probably in my Office
  BTW-how did you make out on that oil pressure

Ah... Oil pressure sending unit should be arriving tomorrow and hopefully that
will do the trick.  When the gauge was reading <1 bar, the mechanical one they
hooked up read 3 bar!  So its either the sending unit or the gauge (I'm hoping
the former).  Reminds me of the 4kq's and their similar sending unit problems.
Well, with so many miles I really can't complain :-).