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Re: Audi A5?!?!

At 08:10 PM 9/1/98 -0700, Greg Johnson wrote:
>?Iíve driven the A4 1.8t sedan and the A6 2.8 sedan (both had
>tiptronic). This past weekend I
>drove an A5 1.8t (TripT).  A5?!?!   Well, itís actually called a
>Passat, but in weight, dimensions, it
>fits neatly between the A4 and A6.  Itís built on a stretched A4
>chassis,  has the same engines
>(1.8T or the 2.8 V6), the same trannys (5 speed or 5speed Tiptronic)
>the same four link front
>suspension; and while it will not be available until next spring,
>Quattro (Syncro).  Hence, my A5
>moniker. Check out the dimensions/specs for the wagons:

As of now, the Passat WILL NOT be available with Syncro and a manual
transmission.  Why?  I don't know but this is according to the VW brochure
and I even called VW's customer line.

Also, the Passat handles no where near as well as the A4 with sport package.

The Passat's a very nice car.  I just wish VW wouldn't stifle it with bad
option packages.  My girlfriend would like a Passat GLS V6 Syncro wagon,
but she doesn't want an automatic(bless her heart).

There is a chance they'll offer a manual tranny with Syncro, so maybe it's
worth waiting for.