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LPS at Aircraft Spruce

>From: Robert Houk ->Subject: Re: Best price on Lubro Moly chemicals?
>   Also try your local Ace Hardware or small hardware store, look for
>   something like LPS Premium All-purpose, LPS Force 842, or an
>   equivalent.  A hardware store's prices might not be much better, but you
>   won't have to pay for shipping.
>LPS . . . Hmmm . . . Yeah, uh, there is (was?) a mail-order place
>called "Aircraft Spruce" or something like that; they are an aviation-
>oriented supply house; they carried LPS lubricants, and I remember
>(for what little that's worth) their prices being good.

Yes they are still in business. I keep a catalog for price reference only -
they are one of the most expensive sources in the industry, and are my
vendor of LAST RESORT. You'll probably also get whacked for a Hazardous
Material surcharge by UPS.

Since I have my own private air force (well, a Cessna 150 and a
Weedhopper), I keep an eye on these things. (When was the last time you
heard anyone refer to a 150 as "heavy iron"?)

Best Regards,

Mike Arman