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Hard starting (sometimes no starting) V8

First of all the car is a 1990 automatic with 130k miles.The spark plugs
were changed recently.
For a couple of months I've noticed the car takes longer to start hot or
cold.Last week it would not start hot,the engine turned over but
wouldn't begin to start.I then pulled a plug,no signs of fouling.Then
after checking for a spark it began to start.Initially there was no
spark but after cranking for about 10 seconds it began to fire.So I 
put the plug back in and after a few seconds of cranking it started.
No problems for a week and then it happened again last night.Same
procedure same result.It seems to only do this when its hot,cold
starting takes longer than usual but will start.After it starts it 
runs fine except for a rare intermitent rough idle.