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Re: WTB: Q - Wagon

In a message dated 98-09-01 17:09:37 EDT, you write:

 I have a friend who is looking for a quattro wagon. He is willing to
 spend $15k-20K. These are his needs
 -1993 or Newer
 -Low Miles
 -Manual trans
 -Leather or Cloth interior
 -Paint: Not White, Pearl, Green
 -prefer heated seats, and turbo models
 -he lives in MPLS, MN so the closer the better
 -service records please>>
 You can reply to him directly, Bannin Ostrow
 Here is what you're looking for : 
1995 or 1995.5 S 6 quattro wagon It's going to be a lot more than $20,000 but
in order to get anything in manual trans that's newer than a 92 in a wagon
within the US,that"s it..... unless you go to a nearly new car and that's
gonig to be a V 6 non turbo. In the price range mentioned the only option is a
91 200 Quattro (20 valve turbo) or older. If an S 6 is in the picture(probably
mid 30's), let me know as I have one on the way.
Dave Flagg
So Burlington, VT 
www.vtbusiness.net/autohaus/ _______________________________________