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G 60 rotors

>When installing G60 calipers on an urquattro, do I also need to swap
out the brake rotor for the 276mmx25mm style?  


>Is this also the brake rotor used by all Audis with factory G60 

Can't say for sure, like a 91 CQ, but for the post 86.5 5KTQ and 200, 

>My main concern, besides fitment, is whether the thinner rotor is
likely to crack in high-pressure situations (like on the track).

The upgrade is very inexpensive especially if your replacing rotors 
anyway, good time to think SS lines as well.  Got my crossed Brembos 
from KVR in Canada a few years back and got a great deal.  With the C$ 
tanking more these days, deals should be even better!


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