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RF CV Boot job questions (5ktq)

I need to do the RF CV boot on my 87 5kcstq asap. (Split on last week's
vacation trip.) Having never before done that job I have some questions after
reviewing Bentley and the archives.

1. Must the entire axle be removed or is it possible to "weasle off" the outer
joint with the inner joint attached to the trans? (Seems to me I read a post
to that effect.) I have circlip pliers, how bad is it to get the joint off the

2. If the inner joint does need to be removed, what is the size of the tool I
need? 12mm "triple square? Where best to obtain said socket?

3. Besides the "boot kit" what all other parts do I need to order? Axle nut?
(Does anyone besides Phil really replace these every time???) Inner CV Flange
seal? What else?

4. I have read several posts which state that end cutters will work to both
crimp the clamps and cut the excess...I assume this is so?

5. The boot split now several hundred miles back with many mountain road
miles. The joint is not making any noises (yet) so I assume cleaning, packing,
and boot will suffice? Should I consider a "rebuilt axle" instead or is that

Any other BTDT advice y'all can send would be greatly appreceated. TIA

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq