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Re: [gti-vr6] Subaru WRX Coming to America (No VW/Audi Content, though you'll l

>I gotta tell ya, as blasphemous as it sounds, i'd jump ship for the WRX Type
>R.  I've been exclusively a VW guy for about 10 years now(since I was 16),
>one of the main reasons was because they provided a hell of a bang for a
>For their price, you won't find a car that outperforms them.  The VR6 is a
>strong case in point.  I've also adored their major tunability.
>But the WRX Type R takes these concepts to a new level.  285hp??????AWD?????

Virtually any Audi turbo model can be brought to this performance level or
higher with relatively minor mods.  All it takes is to crank up the boost
level and to prevent the "overboost" protection from cutting the fuel pump
off..  (Granted, there are other considerations, but...)  Considerably less
than US$1,000 will do it handily.  Plus, once this has been done you have
an Audi, not a U-R-A-BUS.

>For the mid-$20K range?????  It just doesn't get much better than
>that......this car handles amazing and is quite tunable........
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