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Re: Audi is not out of racing, yet

In a message dated 9/1/98 "Mike Zamarocy" <***mhdavion@earthlink.net***>

<< Audi IS planning on a prototype (or GT1) car. So far, it will ONLY be used
at LeMans, but possibly in one race in the USA as well (Daytona 24HR???). >>

If they do the entire FIA GT season Daytona and Sebring presently are not part
of that series. Depending on rules, they may opt for Daytona. The FIA GT
series season finale is at Laguna Seca and it appears that will continue. That
could make for two "must attend" Audi events there next year (MH99 and the FIA
GT race).

<< It will be similar to the BMW that was at LeMans this year. >>

Let's hope not...that car was nothing to write home about and diluted Williams
to the point they are "also rans" in F1 this year. (Doesn't bother me...I
don't much care for Williams anyway.) Let's hope it is more similar to the MBZ
FIA GT car this season in results (not counting their Le Mans performance).

Thank you MIke for this tidbit. As always, I am axiously waiting to hear of
any Audi racing news!

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq