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Re: [gti-vr6] Subaru WRX Coming to America (No VW/Audi Content, though you'll l

MVenture88@aol.com wrote:
> I gotta tell ya, as blasphemous as it sounds, i'd jump ship for the WRX Type
> R.  

Blasphemer! Referring to an STI as a Type-R!

> But the WRX Type R takes these concepts to a new level.  285hp??????AWD?????
> For the mid-$20K range?????  It just doesn't get much better than
> that......this car handles amazing and is quite tunable........

Ya-  I think I'd get one too.
But- they're not *really* that tunable unless you get insane with a huge turbo.
285hp out of a 2.2 4cyl is already pretty high-strung.

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