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RE: Chrysler AWD ON MINIVANS (off-topic)

On Wed, 2 Sep 1998, Cordeiro, Alan wrote:

> As an ex-employee of AVL, I can comment that AVL is considered one
> of the leading design authorities on Turbo-direct-injection diesel engines.
> However I cannot reveal which other German auto manufacturer AVL has 
> collaborated with on their TDI engines...

Ahhh... I know that they didn't talk much about who their clients were,
for obvious reasons, but insiders I knew said all the above :).

> In Graz.... wow, with whom ??

Just with people that I was working with.  My boss at Anton-Paar, GmbH
decided it would be cool for us to all go as a get-to-know-each-other kind
of thing when I started.  Besides, he knew I loved cars :)... I worked a
little at Anton-Paar doing some embedded-systems coding... down there
South of town...

> 	Very cool utes... :)

indeed.  Saw one here in Evanston, IL for some reason.

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